Our mission

Our mission is to bring fair rules for traders: remove volatile network fees, have quick trade resolution without problems, and prevent frontrunning in the Polkadot ecosystem. Our goal is to create the number one Go-To protocol for traders and liquidity providers of digital currencies online.

The design of our blockchain guarantees low fixed-fees that provides greater predictability of trading costs.

Mangata is a cross-chain DEX, where assets on the exchange serve multiple purposes - validator’s stake reused as DEX liquidity. Reusing assets opens the gate for new financial products. Mangata is bridged to Ethereum which creates a channel between DeFi ecosystems.

Mangata team

Peter Kris


A generalist. Previously led a crypto engineering studio. Pre-Ethereum early investor, trader & software engineer.

Gleb Urvanov


Blockchain architect with 10 years of team management and product ownership experience. Author of more than 20 academic articles in fields of IS, AI and robotics.

Ondrej Maksi

Product experience

10 years of experience with Web Application development. A full-stack digital product engineer.

Stanislav Vozarik

DeFi research

An expert in derivatives and algorithmic trading. Research in DeFi and frontrunning strategies.

Lukas Kovac

Visual experience

8+ years of designing digital products built on functional visual experiences. Product designer specialized in UI and UX design.

Alexander Jahn


15 years in digital media in Silicon Valley and Europe. An expert in business strategy & operations. Led teams in startups to successful exits.

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